Along the way

It's been a fun and busy day. I started with breakfast in bed and then a frantic game of Backgammon with J, finishing off the tournament we began last night. We were about to go into Oxford when I checked the computer and found a kind act of linkage over at DGM Live had brought several hundred people to the Myspace site. Amazingly I'm also getting orders for the album. It's going to be mixed soon and will be available on iTunes and possibly some other sources. Do I need a record label to distribute it... probably not. I'm expecting sales of maybe between five and six copies. Gasp!

Anyway, hello to anyone coming here from Myspace.

Meanwhile, J and I headed into town and stumbled into Modern Art Oxford just in time for a guided tour of the Kerry James Marshall exhibition. Striking works in collage, cartoon style, drawing and painting. It always fun to see someone using the word 'Muthafucker' in art. Marshall paints black people (who he suggests have been missing from serious art) as fully black characters. No browns, no shades of grey or purple. His black people are virtually silhouettes. It's a great show.


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