Devon and back

Regular readers may have noticed my absence from the blogsphere recently. No? Oh well.

Anyway, I've been holidaying with my wonderful wife in deepest Devon. We rented a cottage in Branscombe which was just about perfect for us. When we arrived we found it in a valley by a Norman church, within walking distance of the sea, a brewery a decent pub and yes, even a decent tea room. Oh, and if it was idyllic enough a crowd of white doves flew past us and landed near the truly beautiful garden of the neighbouring cottage. Down the road from us the village hall advertised a Pie Feast (Tarts 'R' Us) where your could get sweet and savoury pie and a cuppa in aid of the village hall fund.

We had a week of peace, walking clifftops, good food and seriously good beer. We also managed to cram in more reading than usual. J enjoyed The Island by Victoria Hislop and I spent happy hours immersed in The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana by Umberto Eco. This is only my second Eco novel (although he has written some great liner notes too) and it is very much like eating a rich meal with many courses.

Luckily I also had time to do some album listening. It seems to get harder and harder to find the time for an uninterrupted listen of 45 to 60 minutes so this was a chance for some proper active listening. Amongst some blistering tracks from the DGM Live catalogue was 'Destroying Silence' which is going to be on constant rotation for a while yet.

I'll be right back into the music world tomorrow night when I put in some more practise for a show in a couple of weeks. Soul Beaver will be making a rare appearance soon too. I'll post the date and location shortly.


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