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Studio? part two
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This was the main part of my home studio set up that I've been playing with over the last week. By Saturday morning I had an album's worth of music which I'm still pleased with. It's going to need mixing properly and maybe a bass line added on one tune. How did I forget to add bass?! The further adventure is that I've been using Leafcutter John's Forrester software to produce a remix of the whole (potential) album into one 17 minute track. I have a horrible feeling that this is the best part of the whole project. Hopefully I'll have figured out how to put music on to My Space soon, failing that I'll have a website up in a month or two as a launch pad for all my strange musical ramblings.


fjl said…
Hast thou departed I shouldn't blame thee atall. :-)

Have a good holiday if that's where it's at. Love to Jo.

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