Almost fell asleep walking up the stirs last night. Woken early this morning by a crashing sound from the kitchen. The cat had brought a bird in, and was standing guard outside the food shelves where (presumably) the bird was thinking up exit strategies. I made coffee and toasted a bagel. The second I pulled the bagel out from under the grill the bird made an abortive escape attempt, flying directly over by head, around the kitchen (missing the wide open door) and getting trapped behind the venetian blind. After some frantic fiddling with the window I got the bird out and finished breakfast. All this underlines my heroic status as 'friend of the animals' as two days ago I was stung on the hand by a wasp, which then fell into the dishwater. For some strange reason I scooped it out of the water and dropped it in the garden before running upstairs for the sting cream.

Currently listening to ProjeKct Three Live in Texas and about to disassemble the home studio and generally clean up the house. Can anyone tell me how to put your own mp3s onto a Myspace site?


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