London with the nephew

Back garden flower
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Just back from a fab day with J and one of our nephews. As a birthday treat we took him on the train to London and packed in a visit to the IMAX cinema, several sportsware stores (he had to have the proper baseball cap), the Apple store (OK, that was for me) and Planet Hollywood. Let me tell you, twelve year olds are perfectly capable of spotting a rip off when they eat at one. Planet Hollywood was overpriced, badly maintained and sold a selection of underwhelming food. We should have eaten in Chinatown. That apart, it was a surprisingly relaxing day, and if you like cinema and haven't been to an IMAX, go to one now.

The flower picture is from an unknown growth in the back garden.


fjl said…
Lovely. I used to go out with nephew and co. to train me up, before my boy was born.

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