Late night mix up

That's it. After a week of recording I have turned a list of twelve partially written songs into eight completed pieces. All the tracks that have survived sound like they belong together which makes this the first CD I have ever made that doesn't sound like a grab bag of ideas. I've also abandoned writing traditional songs just to see what happened. What actually happened is two songs crept in, then had to be thrown out again (maybe they'll find a home in an other project). I'm now aware of what the Stick Bass can and can't do as I've been playing almost everything melodic on it.

The next stage is to listen to all the tracks on speakers, in the car and on headphones. Already I've discovered glaring mistakes with mixes. A possible solution would be to export all the individual tracks to the computer so I can mix and edit with a bit more precision. Mind you,if I downloaded all the tracks onto this (much loved) computer, it would probably just grind to a halt. It's been making a lot of worryingly wheezy sounds lately.

Time for bed. Tomorrow I'll have a fresh listen and see what can be salvaged.


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