It's a wonderful apocalypse... Dave

Branscombe Flower 3
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J and I were planning to go to the Uffington Show yesterday but somehow we couldn't bring ourselves to spend £7.50 each on the tickets so we spent the money on a fabulous pub meal instead.

When we got home we planned a country show of our own. We reduced each event to the absolute minimum. For example, a demonstration of Tai Chi (I only know one move), classic cars (stuck a toy car on the bird table), dog show ( we used our cat - and by 'used' I mean watched her jump the garden fence), falconry (tied a drawing of a falcon to a piece of string and hoisted it over the shed) and the ever popular tea and coffee stall. If I ever become a dad I'll be able to say "of course in my day we made ourownn entertainment" and mean it.

Talking of children, Dave the trombonist and sound guy from Soul Beaver has just become a dad. He and Georgina have a baby son called [don't know yet]. What should a trombonist call his son? Answers in the comments sections please.

Lastly, I should report that watching 'It's a Wonderful Life' and Apocalypse Now' in the same day gives you really odd dreams. Put it this way, I'll never watch Big Brother again.

Today's flower is from one of the many flower photos I took while on holiday in Branscombe.


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