Derrida, lamps and ... OW!!!

At the day job I got to enjoy being an academic and joined in a discussion on Jacques Derrida and his literary theory of binary opposites. This was sandwiched between another conversation about dealing with the knowledge that someone close to you is dying, but doesn't know it, and the marking of an essay so badly written it made my brain hurt.

To contrast this I came home and 'helped' J to unpack and fit some new lamps for the bedroom. My help involved me cutting a plastic tag with my Swiss Army knife and slipping the tip of the blade into my index finger. Much pain, quite a bit of blood and that odd feeling for the next hour that everything in the house had a sharp edge.

If I believed in signs I would note that the injury rules out playing the bass for a while but still allows me to play the Stick. I tried both: bass=pain, Stick=music. The only thing this really signifies of course is that I need to be more careful with my knife.


fjl said…
Hi Will,
re-established contact! Back on my blogroll. Glad you had a good debate.

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