I bought the Sunday Observer today just to get the free DVD. Sad, but true. It was 'Dune,' a film lambasted by critics for many good reasons but which has a lot of things going in its favour.

I saw Dune at its London premier and got to chat, briefly, with Grace Jones (great fun), most of Queen (a bit pompous) and Andy Summers. The premier was great fun and my friend and I who attended it enjoyed celebrity spotting; me more than him as he was, and still is, not so easily impressed with shallow celeb achievement. We also discussed the film and decided it was rubbish. Any film with a line like "I'm Mapes, the housekeeper." is not going to rock anybody's world, is it?

The other good thing about Dune, besides reminding me of fun times and being satisfyingly bad, is that it features a Chapman Stick and a pair of flying underpants.

An advert for a bank, in the Observer, used a variation on a Buddhist saying to help with the ways many of us feel about Sunday nights and the nasty black cloud sense we get from the impending Monday morning. It said "The problem with Sundays is that we live in our expectations, not our experience."

I've had a great Sunday. Saw Brokeback Mountain, a film about the joys of herding sheep, and had a satisfying meal with J in Swindon.


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