Let's gig! Soon.

Behind the bass
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A mostly good week is over at the day job. It was one of those rare weeks where colleagues were still rested from the holidays and not yet totally stressed out by work. I witnessed some truly inspired presentations from students and had the man from the exam board arrive to check we were doing things correctly. Which, as it turned out, we were.

Guitar and Marillion man Colin called to tell me about Guy Pratt (multi-talented Pink Floyd bassist) and his solo shows. We're hoping to catch one of these in the near future.

Guitar man Richard has emailed to tell me of a new guitar. This news, along with my frustration at not yet having made enough noise with my Stick (it's a musical instrument people!) means some gigs should be happening soon. I'm going to put together a new web site for upcoming gigs and projects as I'm getting a lot of emails requesting information. The new MacBook Pro is out and has software included for web design, an improved version of Garageband and a high enough clock speed to make all these things work properly. I'm quite excited.


fjl said…
Looks great, good luck with it.
Peace has returned to my blog where you are always welcome.

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