A big disappointment last night as the band were double booked and didn't get to rehearse. Much loading of gear in and out of the car in the cold for... well, nothing.

A rehearsal is planned this weekend for Bridge Street though. I'm planning some loud Stick noise. The one useful thing I did last night (besides lighting the fire) was to play the Stick through the Boss Mega Delay pedal and RTFM at last. Now I finally have a chance to do some proper looping and sonic experimentation. If I get there early enough on Saturday I can try out the full 'new' rig (Stick - Roland Guitar Synth - multi-effects footboard - kitchen sink - amp) without embarrassing myself.

Tonight I watched Stephen Fry discovering his routes and felt some of his anger as he learnt that one family member after another died because of "that bloody word, Auschwitz." He mused on his luck at being alive at all, let alone into a society where he could prosper in his own peculiar way. Gripping telly.

Current listening: The ConstruKction of Light - King Crimson (live in Kingston, New York 2003)


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