The day the sky fell in

On Friday night J and I got to go into Oxford to celebrate the birthday of Soul Beaver's lead singer, Emma. Good company and good food combined (as they usually do) to make for a satisfying evening. More Beavering should be occurring soon.

Yesterday we drove to Cardiff to see J's sister and to have a quick guided tour of the city. I was 'left' in Spillers (one of the oldest record shops in the country) for ten minutes. During this time I found and bought Crimson's 'Beat' and the Zappa DVD 'Dub Room Special' which had been recommended to me the previous night by Rod, Marillion's sound, sound person.

We continued the tour, keeping myself away from the many interesting bookshops and eventually ended up in a large, Swedish home-furnishing shop. This blue and yellow themed place featured cabinet handles with sharp edges, badly fitted doors on wardrobes and a floor plan which didn't seem to match up with the building we were in. Most spectacular of all was the moment in the cafe when, having noted and heaped praise on all the child friendly options available (baby food sterilizing, 'feeding station' etc.) the ceiling over the child's play area collapsed. No children were hurt, no crying was heard, but it was pretty shocking. We bought some hangers and drove home.


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