The shopping of the beast

On the way to yesterday's rehearsal I bought some food and bottled water to keep me going through four hour's playing in the converted meat-locker that is our room of choice (it's very nice inside mind you). My bill came to £6.66.

OK. During the rehearsal Richard guitarist was playing his new Tokai (great tone!) and noted his amp controls were at 6, 6 and 6.

Hmmm. Went out in the evening to celebrate Dave (trombonist's) birthday. A great night in a classic Cowley Road (Oxford's most ethnically diverse road) curry house. My bill came to... £23.00. Phew!


Some sad news to report too. Steve, the bass player with local band, The Drug Squad, died last week. He leaves a wife and three children. Both Soul Beaver and Bridge Street will be getting together to play a tribute night, possibly at Oxford's Zodiac. Details will be posted here and at the main Soul Beaver site.


PI said…
Hi Pisces. New to your site and came via FJL and wonder what is your instrument? Agree with you about Paris. Hope it is still the same.
Will said…
I play bass, Stick Bass and I sing a bit too. Paris is still dirty, flawed and wonderful. Pisces isn't my name, it's my smell.
fjl said…
My love to the mourning xx

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