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Another day of contrasts. J and I had porridge for breakfast (wonderful) and then walked up to the White Horse Hill via the muddy steps (pictured), took a turn around the ancient hill fort and then returned home.

In the afternoon we had some home-made soup and I marked A level English essays. This was not the highlight of the day.

In the evening we ate stuffed pumpkin, I reprogrammed my Roland Guitar synth pedal board and we watched too much telly. I could be wrong but Invasion seems to have borrowed the musical themes from Lost. I'm not as engaged by this show, even though, as I type, we're only a few seconds into episode two. It is suffering from being compared to Lost, whose first episodes were watched in an isolated cottage in a bleak part of the Isle of Harris. I'm not too proud to admit that J and I were truly terrified by this. A hard act to follow.

Washing up, a glass of wine and some practicing before bedtime.


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