T.G.I. Thursday

It's still only Thursday but I'm going to risk suggesting this hasn't been a bad week. The day job has been interesting, with more students demonstrating their skills and interests in presentations. This is part of the GCSE syllabus, but essentially great fun and always illuminating for me as I see what makes my students tick. I feel lucky to work with such a fascinating bunch.

The musical part of my life has been bouncing around in unusual directions too. The nasty cut on my finger and a brief period sounding like a dalek kept me from Soul Beaver rehearsals. That was frustrating as I could have done with the charge of playing live with others. On the bright side I've knocked out some tunes on the Stick and have re-edited a track I'm working on which hadn't settled correctly before. I've also managed to write out, in some detail, the way I want two other new pieces to sound. When I finally have more than few hours free I'll get recording.


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