The Crazy Cat

I heard this on Today this morning.


George Galloway's a Mystery cat; an enigmatic puss
Who slinks around the BB house and kicks up quite a fuss.
When his fellow housemates diss his thesis based on Alienation
Of the lumpenproletariat George fears for his reputation

As Galloway, George Galloway, there's no-one quite like Galloway
He sees the world in black and white and scorns the very thought of grey
But in the BB house he's just another famous face
And we're watching and we're waiting for each famous fall from grace;

George Galloway's a smooth old cat; his voice is pure shot silk
And his tache is dripping sexily where Rula spilt her milk
And folks like George go in the house to show the watching youth
That politicians aren't just crooks who like to bend the truth...

But Galloway, George Galloway, be careful you don't throwaway
Any respect you might have gained; rejection's just a text away
Cos in the BB house you're just another Z-list mug
To be laughed at then ignored and then discarded with a shrug;

George Galloway's an MP, but the voters stand in line
At his vacant MP's surgery, while he sits quaffing wine
With a basketball sensation with the manners of a bear
And when constituents bring their complaints, Well Galloway 's not there!

Oh Galloway, George Galloway, you thought that you were well away,
Until an ancient DJ wandered in the house the other day
And Rula Lenska flicked her tail at Jimmy Savile's hair
Cos when it comes to true star quality
Galloway 's not there...

© Ian McMillan


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